We were designed to engage in a predictable environment, which requires that
[the customers] are similarly designed. But, [the customer] network didn’t have a five year strategic plan, they didn’t have a linear hierarchy or centralised authority. We had to understand that we were fighting against a complex, movable, continuously changing decentralised and distributed network.
And these networks would last for six months or twelve minutes.

– Paraphrasing Chris Fussell & Rachel Mendelowitz –

References to ‘Al Qaeda’ replaced with ‘the customer’
Source: ​https://vimeo.com/190443589

Are you fit for


Are you ready for the


Are you prepared for the


Everything is changing

  • Ecosystem
  • Industries
  • Organisations
  • Customers

The future is only
complicated if you fail to see
“What is driving the change”

The choices you make will determine the outcome. We now live in a world of abundance – of possibilities, choice & change. Businesses that were once solid and unassailable are now being challenged by technology.

No industry is immune. Change has changed – it is accelerating; unrelenting.

In this era of rapid transformation, and soaring customer expectations, reinvention is crucial to an organisation’s survival.

“The single biggest reasons why companies fail is they overinvest in what is, as opposed to what might be.”

– Gary Hamel –

Why Now?​

Increasing Speed + Scale of Change

The COVID pandemic has posed some of the biggest and tough challenges for businesses & leaders – unlike anything that they have ever faced.

However, it has also opened a massive opportunity to reimagine, reconfigure and transform the business.

How can you reimagine the post-pandemic business model?
How can you reconfigure operations to drive resilience & agility?

Organisations have to radically rethink their business model from ground-up; with limited resources, where co-creation & collaboration becomes even more daunting.

More than ever before, business strategy & change is taking centre stage.

“The crisis has forced every company into a massive experiment in how to be more nimble, flexible, and fast.”

– Kate Smaje –
Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

Change The Game

What got you here, won’t get you there.

You need to think differently, and do differently.

Changing the way a business is managed involves changing the manner in which the game is being played; becoming a different type of business involves changing what game is being played; and finally, succeeding in business involves learning how you change the game you are playing.

The challenge of growing a company is not easy. It is helpful to have some kind of “picture” of what needs to be done as a guide; and how to do it. It also helps to know what others (companies, brands, individuals) have done so we can learn from their lessons.


In the post-covid digital world, business strategy has become a business function where firms must be able to take quick, yet well planned, measures to grow and counter competition.

The world of strategy confronts two
fundamental challenges:

– Industry disruptions and unpredictability
– A firms flexibility & agility

The core problem in business strategy design lies in how a firm can respond to changes in its ecosystem.

Firms must be prepared to shape-shift and design strategies to become agile, nimble and most importantly resilient.

Byte-sized strategies become the norm rather than the exception.

“Strategy is about making choices,
trade-offs. It’s about deliberately
choosing to be different.”

– Michael Porter – 


Strategy is

“How can I know what I think
until I see what I say?”

– Karl E Wieck –


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