Who are we

We are a collaborative community of thinkers, innovators, strategists, technologists, change makers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and researchers, with diverse backgrounds, and with a common purpose – help companies reach their pinnacle. We combine deep industry knowledge with specialised expertise in strategy, operations, organisation transformation, brand analysis, and digital business, and help companies accelerate their innovation and growth.

We serve as catalysts. We ask you the right questions – we guide you to think in different ways. After all, you know your business best. And what you need is “how” to make something happen. How to navigate your way to the outcome you seek. This is what we do for you. We are your “how”.

Our Values

Our dream of what we now call Choiceboard, began several decades ago – when each of us were doing what we did best to make a living. We were fired by a common passion – to question everything, and to challenge every assumption. We believed then, as we do now – challenge your present, and question your future. Only when you are in this constant loop of challenging and questioning, can you and your teams find the spark to create and innovate. This is who we are at the core. This fuels the fire within us – a passion to do something – to make a difference. Our go-to questions are: Ask “why”. And then ask “why-not”. (This tells you how we think!).

Our values and beliefs flow from this curiosity and need to find new solutions to old problems, and new solutions to problems that haven’t come up yet!