“…fundamental changes in the nature of consumption create new demand patterns that existing enterprises can’t meet.

– Shoshana Zuboff –

“We are living in the age of mass individualisation. No two people get the same Google search result, see the same products on Amazon, have the same Facebook feed or iTunes catalogue. Every smartphone is unique two minutes after its first boot.”

– Helge Tenno –

New economic patterns are emerging

Build/make it - and customers will come

Create structural advantage

Downsize & re-engineer

Understand consumer priorities and redesign business

Anticipate consumer problems/needs, and re-articulate utility/experience value

…and value expectations are changing constantly

The only thing keeping most big companies
…is their lack of imagination – their inability to see beyond what they’re selling today.”

– Eddie Yoon & Linda Deeken –

Why it fails to be a category creator
Harvard Business Review, March 2013

To thrive, a business needs products and services that differentiate it from the
competition; while continuously looking out for new ways to
enhance customer value.

How are you competing in the market?

How do you know if you are competing right?

How can you create new opportunity?


Choiceboard Value Hub™

Do you know what value you are creating
for different customer segments/markets?

Can you specifically identify what value is being captured, wasted or missed, and opportunities that are available to capture/create more value?

How do you stack up against competition on each element of value?

What is your competitive position?

What is your competitive advantage?

How can you spot Blue Ocean Shift arenas where you can create new customer value?

Choiceboard Value Hub Framework


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