Strategy is

Choiceboard Strategy Designer™

The simple truth is:
If you don’t “get it”, you can’t “do it”. If you can’t picture it, how can you understand it?


How do you think strategy?


How can you make it engaging?


How do you express it?


A good strategy is a good thing! The organisation gets focussed, energised and enthused.

Think about the last time you talked about strategy in your company:

  • 100 page presentations that you haven’t read, and
    neither have most others.
  • Unable to visualise the picture and therefore unable to
    communicate it effectively to your team.
  • Morale takes a hit when you stutter during execution.
  • And all this when your backlog is at its largest!

It’s no surprise, then, that many feel disengaged from or
by strategy. It’s more about the manner in which business
strategy is currently designed, developed and
communicated that makes engagement difficult.

Choiceboard™ caters to various learning styles.


  • 1. Physical
  • 2. Auditory
  • 3. Verbal
  • 4. Visual
  • 5. Social
  • 6. Solitary
Choiceboard™ creates a mind shift in your thinking and reasoning process, applying design thinking techniques. You learn to design real-world business strategies & tactics, that will keep you prepared for the future at all times.


Choiceboard™ unravels the maze of business and value design by letting you and your teams simulate and experiment various design combinations. You enhance your competitiveness, competencies, and build resilience & agility.


First visually aided, business design collaboration, simulation & co-creation platform

Choiceboard™ Key Benefits

Built For The Future of Work

Visually and intuitively design, collaborate, co-create, communicate and experience your strategy in real time

Create byte sized strategies to take advantage of the fast moving digital ecosystem

Embedded industry intelligence - Learn from the strategies of successful brands and companies in real time

Create, compare & simulate scenarios

Library of over 2000 unique, actionable, expandable business attributes (strategies & tactics)

Leverage embedded design thinking process for strategy formation

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence & Badge Chain in strategy formulation

Publish and sell your strategies in the Choiceboard™ market place

Make most of our built-in solutions for the Retail, FMCG & B2C industries

What’s in it for you?

Value Proposition

  • Ability to conduct strategy simulations & scenario analysis
  • Team Collaboration
  • Leverage the library of case studies of various businesses & brands
  • Enables safe experimentation & reduces risk
  • Design dynamic growth & resiliency strategy quickly

  • Learn real world business designs & strategies
  • Learn new skills, capabilities, & subjects
    Experiential learning & team collaboration
  • Team Collaboration (peer-to-peer)
  • Higher probability of employment
  • Faster time to productivity
  • Faster growth/promotions/remuneration

Solution Design

Module Design

2,000+ Business Attributes & Millions of Design Combinations

  • By Industry
  • By Function
  • By Specialization


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